That sickly Bukhara has the shits again. She’s ruining Christmas for the whole family. Dare I say she should be put down? Too many vet visits. She fails to gain weight.
The Detmer Vom Haus has sold a defective $2000 dog to my overly eager hubby.
The Haus claims it will take back dogs folks don’t want anymore. But I doubt even they would want to take her back
Buki is a sickly roach back dog that shouldn’t even exist in the first place. She is likely the product of inbreeding which is highly discouraged.
I think we may be forced to put her down as nothing seems to improve her condition. Nothing will ever improve her roach back appearance.
Her coat may look nice, but her skeletal and neuromuscular defects may never be cured. She’s a very sick dog.

I Admire Cesar Milan

Better known as the “Dog Whisperer”, he has successfully “rehabilitated” problem dogs and is a source of knowledge for dog owners all around.

We (my family and I) do our best to mirror what he does when we are bringing up our 2 young dogs. I love our puppies and would love to cuddle them like babies, but like Cesar  says “do not humanize your dog.” Dogs are dogs, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be a member of your family.

We have 2 German Shepard puppies and they are so adorable/beautiful. It’s taken all of my strength to not coddle them. My adolescent mind thinks “awwwhhh, puppies, baby doggies”, while my adult side says “take charge, show these dogs who is boss.” Cesar insists on prioritizing interactions with the dog. First, is exercise, then discipline, and finally affection. Understanding these and putting them to practice will help create a “well-balanced dog.”

Both are very intelligent when they are focused. A distracted dog, is an unteachable dog. You must first have their undivided attention. That’s easier said than done sometimes. They’re puppies and when they see a bird, a bouncing ball, or even another dog, they just don’t see you.